Live Webinar: Q-Lab Technical Experts
Answer Your Weathering and Corrosion Testing Questions

Thursday, 24 August at 8 am EDT (UTC-4)

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Part 3 of Q-Lab’s 3-Part Summer Webinar Series 

Over the past three-plus years, the technical experts at Q-Lab have delivered over 40 unique, free webinar presentations on weathering and corrosion testing topics – everything from color change in plastics, to wet/dry transitions in corrosion testing, to running SAE J2527, to performing live demonstrations of tester operation, calibration and maintenance.

For the final segment of our summer webinar series, Q-Lab wants to hear from you. During this unique “ask me anything” session, our team will spend the full hour answering questions from the audience on any topic related to weathering and corrosion. Please send us your questions – either during registration, before the session, or during the webinar, and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

This discussion will feature all the members of Q-Lab’s US-based team focused on standards, product management, and applications engineering:

  • Sean Fowler – Senior Technical Director
  • Bill Tobin – Senior Technical Marketing Specialist
  • Dave Duecker – Senior Technical Marketing Specialist
  • Andy Francis – Marketing Director

Please join us for this open discussion about the critical topics that you’re most interested in.

This webinar will be presented in English.