Standardizing the color process involved with your plastics productions will create better end results. The only way to make sure the color of your plastics is consistent, however, is to measure it with precision instruments. HunterLab offers instruments to measure the color of plastics including the UltraScan VIS, ColorFlex EZ, MiniScan EZ 4500, Agera, SpectraTrend HT and UltraScan PRO. Will your packaging materials last outdoors? For how long? Does your new raw material supplier have the same quality as your previous one? Q-Lab offers accelerated weathering and lightstability testers simulate the primary weathering conditions that degrade all types of plastics and packaging materials, allowing our customers to accurately reproduce failure modes. Sample preparation and analysis is a requirement in plastics industry for products. Fritsch offers sample preparing and separating instruments for further analysis or quality check that passes the laboratory and industrial standards.


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