Color consistency is an essential trait for all kinds of consumer products. When it comes to the color measurement for pharmaceuticals, consistency is key for developing and repeating accurate formulas. Each batch must yield the same results in color to ensure product accuracy and safety. HunterLab offers products such as the UltraScan VIS and the Aeros to provide analysis of ingredient concentration in medications for pharmaceutical company. Will your products resist photodegradation on a store shelf or in the consumer’s home? Will light from any source change their color, efficacy, or safety? For pharmaceutical testing, Q-Lab offers Q-SUN xenon test chamber is used to simulate sunlight through a window, providing significant acceleration compared to a typical interior exposure. Sample preparation and analysis is a requirement in pharmaceutical industry for products such as medicines and pills. Fritsch offers sample preparing and separating instruments for further analysis or quality check that passes the laboratory and industrial standards.


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