About us

Color global Co. Ltd has been the leading distributor of technical technologies based in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and
Myanmar for over 20 years. We represent products that are leaders of the global market in scientific quality measuring technology
within various industries, from automotive to laboratory. We are known for our strong and diligent knowledge of color quality
measuring methods; weathering machines; grinding machines; laser-particle sizing machines and others. Our single-minded
strategy and customer-centric service mind have made a valuble impact on our customers satisfaction and needs.

Company Milestone’s


We began conducting webinars for over 500 customers in application of food packaging; agricultural; pharmaceuticals; herbs; cosmetics; and material science. Our webinars allow customers to gain essential knowledge for future expenditure budget plannings in the upcoming year.


Our biggest seminar in Mida City Hotel Nakorn Pathom, conference highlights products based on color theory.


Our first recognised conference in M. Kaset University for industrial industry, conference highlights hunterlab products.

History timeline


Color global was established 15th October 2000 and signed contract with hunterlab to become hunter lab’s exclusive distributor.


We entered Indo-China market in 2002 as hunterlab’s distributor, this included four countries Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia.


We signed a contract with Q-LAB products to be the authorized distributor of Q-LAB in Thailand.


We signed a contract with FRITSCH products to be the exclusive distributor of FRISTCH in Thailand.


We are authorized distributor of FRITSCH in Vietnam.


We signed a contract with Nabel, an egg-multitester company, and Bstech, a leak-sealed packaging company.


We adapted to covid-19 situation by sharing knowledge with our customers via online webinars.


We became a collaborative partner with Gerstel, an olfacmeter producer companny.